How to...

  • Create a solid business infrastructure
  • Plan and create your customer base (niche)
  • Bring in consistent revenue every month
  • Serve and empower your clients to be repeat clients
  • Market yourself and network to become well-known
  • Develop your confidence as a business owner
  • Balance your personal and business needs effortlessly
  • Decide the best time to move from employee to ISW CEO status
  • Enjoy the journey of independence

And so much more... 

The Time Is Now

What are

Social Workers Saying?


Unlike any other training I've attended.

My fears about going independent were buried!

I would definitely recommend this course. 

It meets you at the very

point of your idea/dream of being independent.

There was a lot of written material, interactive sessions and access to other expert professionals. It was brilliant!

Meet NicoleMLouis...

Hi, I'm Nicole Louis... Like you, I worked long tiring hours as a Social Worker, with little time, if any, for hobbies, family and proper rest. I was exhausted after experiencing post-traumatic stress type symptoms, including poor appetite, sleep issues, brain fog and fatigue.


I was burnt-out, but I didn't know what else I could do if I could not do social work. That's when I decided to jump ship and started working independently. I had no savings or support, and more than four years on, I'm thriving personally and professionally. I have my life back, and I think you deserve to have the same!
I knew nothing about running a business, so I invested hundreds of hours and well over £25,000 to learn. I have generated just under a £250,000. in 4 years, even though I've made huge mistakes along the way.


Now I'm going to teach you everything I know in a logical step-by-step format, to save you time & money

Here's a list of my most frequently asked questions about the SWLTF program.

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What is the SWLTF Program?

Can I do this working full-time?

When does the program begin?

How much time will I need to invest?

Is there any other commitment on me?

When can I expect to get billed?

What if I can't afford the program?

What type of SW is this program for?

What if the program isn't right for me?

How long can I access the content?

Do I have to be a qualified SW?

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