Nozinhle, UK Social Worker


“The Bootcamp was very informative. I felt empowered and motivated. It ticked all the boxes and more. I learned the I importance of having a vision and identifying the gap in the market instead of replicating what the local authorities are rendering, learning and development and having a mentor and team for support.”



Vardy, UK Social Worker


“I’ve just really enjoyed the session! So clear. I’ve followed Nicole on social media for a while & have found this Bootcamp so informative and insightful.



Ngalastane, UK Social Worker


“It was a very informative session, thank you!”



Zin, UK Social Worker


“The Bootcamp was informative, reflective and motivational. I learned to have a clear, tangible vision, to ensure the services offered are varied & not a clone of LA services; and that it’s possible to have the freedom to work flexibly doing the things you live mostI left feeling sure that I want to become independent in the near future & learn more from Nicole. I’d really love to work with her.”



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The 2021 Bootcamp



The 1-Day Bootcamp


Giving you the information you've been searching for about how to become fully independent, so you can continue to enjoy doing the work you love without compromising your health, family, time or finances. It's time to serve from an overflow rather than from a deficit.



When the bootcamp ends, you'll...

Have Great Clarity:

Deeper Understanding

We will dive deep into the KEY stages of becoming fully independent & gain deeper insight into areas, such as your identity, branding, experience v qualifications; your vision for independence, who & how to serve, so you can finally make the shift. 

Be Ready To Shift:

Full Independence

We will dismantle the misconceptions, myths and concerns you have the requirements for successful independence.  You will discover different income streams and pricing formulas so you don't have to procrastinate taking the step.

Feel Ready To Take

Swift & Decisive Action

We will create your vision of independence during the Bootcamp. We will explore the problems ISW's face and ensure you know what to expect and how to manage them, so you can control the negative chatter in your head stopping you from taking action.

  • Want to understand how to use their skills and expertise as a social worker beyond Local Authority, long hours and high caseloads.

  • Worries they will need to remain in Local Authority to gain years of statutory experience before they can become independent.

  • Wants practical help to develop their goal toward independence and to be given information about how to progress to full independence.

  • Are not interested in learning how to enjoy greater flexibility beyond having just the option to choose the amount of assessments they take on or working virtually - there is way more to independence than that.

  • Do not want to participate in the entire learning experience and to gain knowledge that will impact them and those around them in a positive way.

  • Have no intentions of becoming independent or taking action on what they will learn in the Bootcamp.


So, if this 1-Day Bootcamp is for you,

here are the things we are going to cover and  the myths we are going to dismantle together are...

  • Utilise Your  Skills & Expertise

    How you can actually utilise your skills, knowledge and experience logically and strategically so you leave no stone unturned to make money as an ISW.

  • Turn Your Vision

    Into A Reality

    How to create your vision of what independent social work looks like so that you have crystal clear clarity about what independence will look like for you.

  • Step Into Independence

    Crush your fears and blockages that are holding you back, and get the blueprint of areas o focus on keys to focus on so that you will be the chosen ISW every time.

  • Be Confident

    & Take Action

    Once you discover who you want to serve and how you're going to do while enjoying work-life balance, your confidence naturally be increased.


Make notes & create your independence using the workbook.

Hey friend! My name's Nicole, and I'm THE Strategy Mentor for Social Workers. When I first become independent, I didn't even know what a Tax Return was. So, after heavily investing in my learning  and experiencing the pitfalls of independent social work, I still managed to generate 6 figures into my business and I've gained real work-life balance. Now, I want to show you how you can do the same. Hit the button below.👇🏾