Business Set Up




Get Organised

Goal Planner



  • Be more accountable for your own success
  • Properly strategise, formulate & take action
  • Reflect to adapt your strategy in real time
  • Be consistent in planning & reaching your goals
  • Have your entire business set up, ready to earn


* Want to save lots of money and time by having proven methods to organise and create the life and career they want 

* Need advice & direction to start the process of becoming independent or entirely setting up

* Start new things with good intentions, but don't follow through to the end

* Worry about failure or success, so don't begin & remain stagnant

* Are fed up of going around in circles & want to hit all of their goals, especially becoming independent

* Desires real change & are ready to accept support to enjoy their life & career 


* Complain about their situation, but take no action

* Make excuses to not make an immediate start to make the changes they want

* Want change but doesn't want to invest or challenge themselves to make it happen

* Lacks commitment, won't attend every session or do the activity to make progress

* Cannot lead by example, I.e. expect their service users to take action, even when under pressure, but don't do it themselves 

* Are unmotivated to make a difference in their own life & those whom they will serve in business

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